Treasure Hunt

Kids follow a map to find treasures and become experts in a field.

Setting the scene

Australian Museum’s new permanent gallery, The Westpac Long Gallery showcases 100 objects and 100 people that have influenced the museum, nation and region and the stories that make them treasures. We worked alongside the museum to design and build an in-app kids treasure hunt game to educate kids about these treasures in a fun and engaging way.


Creating a treasure hunt game that was fun and but also delivered learnings that were easy to understand.


Kids would pick a field that want to become an expert in (ie. entomology or marine biology). They then find treasures using a hot-cold indicator (with the help of bluetooth powered beacons) as they embark on a treasure hunt. Once a treasure is found, they would answer a question correctly to collect the treasure. When all treasures in that set are collected, they will become an expert in that field.

Information Architecture diagram


Screen designs

Character illustrations

Treasure illustrations